Even over 30 years ago, research conducted by the NRC (National Research Council) found that broodmares in the last trimester of gestation can have a 50% reduction in their appetite for forage, sometimes consuming as little as 1% bodyweight in hay. Their demand for forage returns slowly after parturition, but is still markedly reduced during the early stages of lactation. Reduced forage consumption, will lower their dietary intake of fibre, energy, protein, and micronutrients. This can contribute to digestive issues, loss of condition and falling milk yield, thus affecting the foal, and next pregnancy.

It is crucial that the condition of the mare is kept as consistent as possible throughout the breeding season. The forage ration will need to be supplemented with concentrate feed. This needs to be selected appropriately, considering the mare’s condition, reproductive stage and appetite. The chosen feed should be high fibre, energy dense, and contain a high level of essential amino acids, rather than looking at the overall crude protein content. The choice needs to be made between a high-energy compound ration, or for those mares maintaining forage appetite and condition, a stud balancer can be fed.

The Keyflow Stud Range has been scientifically formulated to support these challenges. 

Nurture is a unique and exceptional fully steam extruded complete feed. It is low in sugar and starch with no added molasses, reducing the risk of developmental growth issues in foals and young stock. It contains 20% fibre to support hindgut function, 16.5% protein, with a digestible energy content of 12Mj/kg. Formulated as a highly palatable nugget, they tempt fussy eaters and are easily eaten from a manger or the ground.

Nurture Pro is a fully steam extruded, stud balancer alternative containing 30% protein.

Both products include Keyflow’s EQ Amino Pack, ensuring your stock receives the full balanced range of micronutrients required for optimal, healthy growth and development. They contain over 7.5% oil which comes from cold pressed linseed and rapeseed oil, which provide exceptional levels of Omega 3 fatty acids and added DHA long chain omega 3s.

Steam extrusion enhances the digestibility and absorption, allowing a lower feeding rate, encouraging better appetite for forage and an economical approach to ensuring outstanding nutrition you can trust and rely on.

Extra calories can be added if required, by feeding Keyflow Key-Plus rice bran concentrate, or Key-3 Oil.

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