A 500kg Thoroughbred contains approximately 300 litres of water. Optimal hydration will facilitate optimal performance. We know that dehydration can significantly affect performance but we are usually more aware of this in warm weather, and in horses who are worked at a level that induces sweating. We look at the water volume lost, and associated electrolytes (mineral salts) lost through sweat too.

Often, we are quick to replace the electrolyte loss, through the addition of electrolytes in the horse’s feed or water.  Electrolyte supplementation increases the horse’s requirement for water.

Do we look closely enough at water intake? 

Particularly in colder weather, to what extent do we monitor the horse’s water intake? Do we always pay enough attention to the possibility of dehydration and other issues where the risk may increase due to insufficient water intake, such as colic, tying up and slower recovery times? A thoroughbred in full training, may require as much as 50 litres of water per day. Dry hay and feed will contribute less than 5% of this requirement.

Traditionally, bran mashes were fed, believed to have health benefits, but often upsetting the microbiome (healthy bacteria and microorganisms) of the hind gut, and causing an imbalance in dietary calcium:phosphorus intake too.  A bran mash was excellent at tempting fussy eaters and also for encouraging fluid intake.

Keyflow Pink Mash® offers a technical alternative to feeding a bran mash, and provides benefits to gut and overall health. It can also be added to drinking water to promote intake – mix a handful of dry Pink Mash into a full bucket of clean, fresh water, allow to soak for 5 minutes then give it to the horse. Fresh clean water should also be available at all times.

Keyflow Pink® Mash contains:

  • 40% Fibre

  • Highly-digestible

  • Beetroot to boost natural antioxidants

  • Low starch (<2%)

  • Linseed for it’s omega 3 benefits, including skin health and coat shine

  • High-levels of Protexin® Probiotic to stabilise and support hindgut health

  • 5×109 CFU of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (live yeast) per 250g fed


Benefits of Keyflow Pink Mash®:

  • Supports gastric, muscular and digestive health

  • Ideal for horses with ulcers or those prone to colic

  • Feed daily with any diet – no added vitamins and minerals means there is no risk of imbalance

  • Soaks in 5 minutes

250g serving costs just 32p at RRP

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