Feeding the racehorse is an art as well as a science. When it comes to nutritional requirements racehorses must be prepared for optimum performance and in peak health.

Gut health must be considered, and promoted just as significantly as musculoskeletal health as often unbeknown to the eye, it will directly influence nutrient uptake and performance.

 The racehorse needs a high energy intake. Traditionally this is supplied by a high-starch diet, however, this can increase the risk of EGUS (gastric ulcers), hindgut acidosis and tying up. 

BlackType feeds have been designed and formulated to provide a highly concentrated, palatable and digestible alternative to traditional cubes and mixes.

Steam extrusion is used to pre-cook the ingredients, causing gelatinisation of starch and increasing nutrient digestibility in the small intestine.

The first product in the BlackType range is BlackType Sensitive.  This highly digestible, low-starch, high fibre muesli is lightly molassed and designed with the pick of fussy eater in mind. 

Energy is supplied by a range of super fibres and oil. Cold pressed rapeseed oil and linseed provides energy along with omega 3, 6 and 9 to support multiple functions including respiratory health. Soya hull and beet pulp contains naturally occurring pectin which helps to protect the gastric mucosa against the effects of acid.

 High quality protein is supplied by a combination of steam-extruded (pre-cooked) raw materials, ensuring all essential amino acid requirements are met, supporting the health and repair of muscle tissue.

 Starch levels are low at 8% preventing the escape of raw starch from digestion and absorption thus reducing the risk of acidosis and helping to keep the pH and microbiome consistent.

 Lower feeding rates due to the highly digestible nature and outstanding levels of micronutrients further aid digestive help and facilitate comfort and performance.

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