Despite a change in the weather we are in the middle of ‘summer’! Depending upon the number of youngstock you have, and your breeding programme, you may be thinking about introducing or increasing hard feed ready for weaning or you may be in the middle of prepping your youngstock for forthcoming sales.

Have you heard of Keyflow’s unique complete stud products? Nurture® and Nurture® Pro are made using a process known as wet steam extrusion. The unique cooking process pre-digests starch and opens the surface area of the feed for maximum digestion and nutrient utilisation and absorption, keeping feed volumes low.  They can be confidently fed to all youngsters, and we are on hand to support you with tracking growth rates, and minimising disturbances and complications that can arise from an unbalanced or high starch diet. 

Keyflow Nurture® Pre-digested Stud Feed has been scientifically formulated by world class equine stud nutritionists to an uncompromising specification. The concentrated high-fibre nuggets are ideal for providing a high level support for muscle and skeletal development and growth.

Nurture® is molasses free but highly palatable whilst remaining very low in sugar and starch. The feed has been pre-digested by way of steam extrusion for maximum nutrient absorption. Nurture® contains the long chain omega 3 fatty acid DHA. The unique protein sources used in Nurture® (EQ Amino Pack) are of the highest quality with an amino acid profile carefully matched to that of the equine – supporting even, optimal growth and development.

Presented in larger high-fibre, nuggets, Nurture® is particularly easy to chew and digest (including for foals) making it easy to pick up when dropped, or if being fed over hay in the field.

Keyflow Nurture® PRO Pre-digested Stud Balancer has been formulated as a nutrient dense ration designed to support and balance the diet of stud horses kept at grass (stallions, mares and foals and youngstock), or those requiring a balanced diet where forage is providing sufficient calories for growth.

Nurture® PRO is concentrated as well as being wet-steam extruded – making it a highly digestible (over 90% in the small intestine), low-rate feeding solution that ensures that stud horses’ increased daily nutritional requirements are met whilst being highly sympathetic to the equine digestive system.

For those requiring additional calories and topline, Keyflow Key-Plus™ can be added at a low rate. This special steam extruded, fully stabilised rice-bran product helps to build muscle mass and adds even more shine!

Our experienced team are ready to help you to plan the best diet for your youngster, no matter their shape or size, we’d love to hear from you.

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