Nicole, the proud owner of Keyflow USA, is an individual whose life revolves around her unwavering passion for horses. Nicole's journey in the equine world began at the age of 5, when her grandparent’s took her to her first riding lesson and she felt an instant connection with these majestic creatures.

From that moment on, Nicole's love for horses only grew stronger, and she dedicated herself to exploring various disciplines within the equestrian world. Whether it was dressage, paso fino, show jumping, cross country, or even western riding. 

Nicole also developed a deep understanding of the importance of proper nutrition for horses. Recognizing the significant impact that diet has on equine performance and overall well-being, she became determined to provide the best possible nutrition and care for her equine partners.

Driven by her passion and desire to make a difference in the equine industry, Nicole founded Key Flow USA, an existing British equine feed brand “Keyflow Feeds UK” that focuses on delivering high-quality, scientifically formulated feeds to support horses' optimal health and performance. With her extensive experience in riding and her profound understanding of equine nutrition, Nicole ensures that Key Flow USA offers a range of feeds tailored to meet the specific needs of horses across different disciplines.

However, Nicole's true joy lies in the bond she shares with her horses; Bowie, Jet, Blueberry, Woody, Zeus, & Achilles. She believes in building strong relationships with her horses based on trust, respect, and understanding. Through her own experiences, she has witnessed the transformative power of horses, not only as athletes but also as companions and teachers.

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