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Keyflow® Sensi-Care® is a super palatable cereal grain and molasses free, high fiber, high fat, low starch feed for sensitive horses and ponies. This scientifically formulated ration has been pre-digested by way of steam extrusion and micronization to support maximum digestion and absorption of nutrients. These advanced feed technologies ensure the digestion of this ration is kind and sympathetic to the stomach, small intestine and hind gut. This is a quiet feed for any discipline.
  • Cereal Free
  • Low Starch & Sugar
  • Multi-Source Fiber
  • EQ-Complete Protein
  • Key-Plus Included
  • Omega 3
  • Chelated Minerals
  • Prebiotics
  • Coconut Flavour
  • Protexin Probiotics
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High Oil and Quality Proteins

The product does not compromise on quality protein sources (EQ-Complete™ pack), muscle building components (Key-Plus™) or micronutrients, ensuring prime condition is built and maintained. Cold pressed omega 3 oil delivers cool calories and maintains exceptional condition, while also supporting health and vitality.

Multi-Source Fibre and Protexin Probiotics

Horses prone to stomach ulcers can be fed Sensi-Care safely and confidently, providing great levels of multi-source fiber along with world class Protexin probiotics and prebiotics. Maximum nutrient absorption is gained through wet steam extrusion, creating highly digestible ingredients that are sympathetic to the digestive system.

Super Palatable

Added coconut flavoring ensures excellent palatability even when the pressures of increasing fitness levels can reduce appetite.


Sensi-Care can be relied on to utilize cool energy pathways of fiber and oil, allowing even the most sensitive types to remain focused on the job at hand.

Feeding Guide

Type of Horse / Workload

Amount Fed Per Day


For normal health maintenance or for horses and ponies in low to medium work .44 lbs of Sensi-Care per 100 lbs of bodyweight An 1100 lb horse would be fed 4.4 lbs of Sensi-Care per day
Horses in harder work or those which require an increase in healthy body condition .44 lbs to .8 lbs of Sensi-Care per 100 lbs of bodyweight. An 1100 lb horse would be fed 5.5 lbs to 8.8 lbs of Sensi-Care per day.
Any dietary changes should be made gradually over a minimum of 7 days. Always provide fresh, clean water. Combine with forage/fiber totaling 1.5%-2% of the horses bodyweight daily. Feeding rates above are a guide only.
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Weight per quart

1.25 lbs

Steam extruded fiber, protein and omega 3 meals (including soya hulls, grass, stabilized rice bran, beet pulp, linseed, cold pressed rapeseed, full fat soya), micronized protein (including soya and pea), chopped grass, sunflower seeds, cold pressed rapeseed oil, heat stable vitamins and chelated minerals, prebiotics and probiotics.

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Suzanne Smith
Horses Love It

I combine Sensi Care with Pink Mash and everyone loves it. I hope Key Flow USA expands their product line to stores to make it more accessible. Shipping is prohibitively expensive.

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