Through our advice line we are also supporting owners and breeders with nutrition advice for broodmares and breeding stallions.  We are seeing a trend towards the use of chilled and frozen AI, with some non- Thoroughbred stallions being unavailable for natural covering in light of the EHV outbreak.

It is vitally important that diets are balanced, with particular attention paid to aspects that have been proven to contribute towards higher fertility rates in both mares and stallions. For older broodmares who may have compromised fertility, and stallions used for frozen semen collection these considerations become even more vital.

These include:

  • Balanced levels of essential amino acids, otherwise known as protein quality. 

  • Enhanced levels of Omega-3 fatty (particularly long chain DHA) acids 

  • Increased levels of antioxidants 

  • Pre and probiotics to aid optimal absorption of nutrients throughout the gastrointestinal tract

Survival rates for frozen semen have also been proven to be enhanced by dietary supplementation with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Cell membrane integrity and functionality appears to be improved, therefore increasing survival rates after thawing. 

It is believed that it can take six weeks for the benefits of these dietary considerations to be effective in supporting the mare. 

A Keyflow diet provides you with peace of mind that your mare, stallion or young stock have balanced, optimal nutrition. Both of our stud feeds are fortified with a marine source of DHA, which is more efficiently used than short chain plant sources of omega-3. 

Keyflow Nurture® Pre-digested Stud Feed has been scientifically formulated by world class equine stud nutritionists to an uncompromising specification. The concentrated hi fibre nuggets are ideal for all equine stud animals who have restricted access to quality pasture as well as any horse who requires high level support for musculature and skeletal development and growth.

Nurture® is molasses free but highly palatable whilst remaining very low in sugar and starch. The feed has been pre-digested by way of steam extrusion for maximum nutrient absorption. Nurture® contains the long chain omega 3 fatty acid DHA which has been shown to support semen motility, mare postpartum recovery as well as foal development and behaviours. The unique protein sources used in Nurture® (EQ Amino Pack) are of the highest quality with an amino acid profile carefully matched to that of the equine – supporting even, optimal growth and development.

Presented in larger hi-fibre, steam extruded nuggets, Nurture® is particularly easy to chew and digest (including for foals) making it easy to pick up when dropped, or if being fed over hay in the field.

Keyflow Nurture® PRO Pre-digested Stud Balancer has been formulated through collaboration by world class equine stud nutritionists as a nutrient dense ration designed to support and balance the diet of stud horses kept at grass (stallions, mares and foals and youngstock). It can also be fed to underpin and enhance existing Keyflow rations of high performance horses.

Nurture® PRO is concentrated as well as being wet-steam extruded – making it a highly digestible (over 90% in the small intestine), low-rate feeding solution that ensures that stud horses’ increased daily nutritional requirements are met whilst being highly sympathetic and acceptable to the equine digestive system.

We’ve added high levels of DHA long chain omega 3 fatty acids, research proven to support semen motility, mare postpartum recovery as well as foal development and early feeding behaviours (including faster uptake and more prolonged colostrum feeding immediately after birth). This algal sourced long chain fatty acid is highly transferable through the milk, benefiting the mare, the foal in-utero and once born, then ongoing in the feed ration.

Nurture® PRO includes EQ-Amino Pack™ – a unique and advanced protein profile matched the composition of equine soft tissue and bone – supporting lean, even, effective musculoskeletal growth and development.

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