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What is pre-digested and why do I need to know about steam extrusion?

Pre-digested essentially means cooked, this can be done in a small number of ways. We use steam extrusion extensively throughout our products which involves, grinding, adding steam to and gently cooking a mixture of ingredients. The process causes the mixture to expand and any starches and proteins to change structure. This increases the surface area of the molecule, allowing the horse’s digestive enzymes to more readily and thoroughly break them down in the small intestine. Think of a popcorn kernel after it’s popped, the surface area is increased making it easier to digest. Take a look at Key-Plus™ or Stay Cool™ for what our steam extruded feeds look like.

What is EQ-Complete™?

Horses are reliant on their diet to deliver proteins they cannot synthesise themselves, these are known as essential amino acids. EQ-Complete™ is a combination of high quality and carefully selected ingredients, which deliver specific essential proteins. Providing the perfect building blocks for outstanding muscle development while also supporting muscle recovery and repair. EQ-Complete™ features in the BlackType  range of feeds.

What nutritional changes can I make to increase my winning strike rate?

Fundamentally, there are 3 major factors effecting a horses chances of winning. The horses ability (genetic potential/breeding), the trainers ability in training/fitten then placing the horse in the right race and the horses nutrition and nutritional management. In other words, nutrition is one of the most powerful tools at the trainers disposal. There are many, but two nutritional factors that sometimes get overlooked are adding long chain omega 3 (DHA and EPA) to the diet - and fibre (gut health). Long chain omega 3 is responsible for contributing to a myriad of biochemical and biomechanical functions in the body. One worthy of the astute trainers attention is its role in the elasticity of the lungs. When horses breath at gallop they take one stride per breath, this mechanical relationship between the lungs and the horses gait is called locomotive coupling. When supplemented with DHA and EPA the horse will tend to take a slightly deeper breath at gallop, this in turn allows a slightly longer stride.

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