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Pink Mash® is the class leading soaked fiber feed designed to nurture and support hindgut microbiome health. With super-fiber, beetroot, micronized linseed, prebiotics and concentrated Protexin® probiotics, this highly palatable and versatile mash is economical and highly effective.
  • Beetroot
  • High Fiber
  • Omega 3
  • Low Starch & Sugar
  • Prebiotics
  • Protexin Probiotics
  • Key-Plus Included
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Suitable for Horses & Ponies

Natural Antioxidants

The goodness of beetroot and linseed provides natural antioxidants and quality Omega 3.

World Renowned Probiotics

World renowned Protexin probiotics and prebiotics support and stabilise the microbial balance in the hind gut, by improving the population of beneficial bacteria.

Low Sugar and Starch

This non-heating, highly palatable mash is ideal for providing a significant source of highly digestible fibre for easyier keeper types, veterans requiring a partial hay replacer, horses and ponies prone to digestive disturbances including gastric ulcers, colic, loose droppings, hind gut acidosis and those requiring seasonal digestive support.

Feeding Guide

Type of Horse / Workload

Amount Fed Per Day


For normal health maintenance .11 lbs of Pink Mash per 100 lbs of Bodyweight An 1100 lb horse would be fed 1.1 lbs (dry weight) of Pink Mash per day
For horses requiring an increase in healthy body condition .2 lbs of Pink Mash per 100 lbs of bodyweight An 1100 lb horse would be fed 2.2 lbs (dry weight) of Pink Mash per day
Feeding to horses as a partial hay replacement Up to .5 lbs of Pink Mash per 100 lbs of bodyweight An 1100 lb horse could be fed up to 5.5 lbs (dry weight) of Pink Mash per day.
Guidelines for feeding:
Do not use boiling water to soak as it may harm the live probiotics which do not like exposure to high temperatures. For best results soak fresh and feed within 2 hours rather than leaving soaked overnight or throughout the day.

Pink Mash® is recommended to be fed with Keyflow’s class leading range of pre-digested feeds and balancers. Please explore our website or get in touch with our friendly expert advice team using the help & advice section above to discover your perfectly balanced feeding plan.
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Weight per cup

.44 lbs

Weight per quart

1.32 lbs

Soya hull super fiber, dried beetroot, micronized linseed, Protexin probiotics and prebiotics.

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Suzanne Smith
Pink Mash

I had excellent results switching my herd to pink mash with sensi care. The ulcery ones had immediate improvement and the mash is palatable with everyone licking their bucket clean. Well worth the money. Highly recommend.

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